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   Leland von Syring 

Dear Friend,
For the past two decades I have been teaching people just like you how to succeed in one of the most fascinating and lucrative trillion dollar businesses in the world. My student’s have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success over that time and today I want to show you how you can achieve the same results, with just a minimal amount of effort and for just pennies a day.

Making money in this business is easy, as a matter of fact, just yesterday one of my students contacted me to let me know that she had just made over $30,000 on her first transaction.  Another one called this morning to let me know he had just made $5,000 for a few hours of work.

These types of results are common in my business and have been for years, but most people have never heard of this business. I too, had never heard of this until a very successful millionaire friend of mine taught me his "secret" money making techniques.

When I first applied my friends' money making techniques, I achieved Instant and Amazing results.  In no time at all, I was making more money than I had ever made before in my life. This businesss completely changed my life. I have since vowed to help as many people as possible to succeed in this business, by using the same excellent techniques my friend taught me.

Some of you might think that I am crazy giving away these secrets, but the reality is that there is so much business out there that I can teach thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people, how to profit in this industry and still not over saturate the market. Literally everyone on my street and in my neighborhood could be working this business at the same time, and it wouldn’t matter.

The reason is because this business is a TRILLION DOLLAR A YEAR BUSINESS! And it is literally growing larger and larger on a daily basis.

In a moment I will describe this business to you in detail and will give you the opportunity to make more money than you have ever made before, but before I do I would like for you to agree to a couple of conditions in advance (there’s always a catch).

  • ONE: Help as many people as possible
    Once you begin this business you will have to agree to help as many people as you possibly can.  This is actually how you make money in this business (helping people). There is no better feeling in the world than to make an excellent income and at the same time help people who are in need. This business always creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.

  • TWO: Always operate your business in an ethical manner                              Both my millionaire friend and myself have become successful in business and in life because of the ethical way we treat others. At this point in my life, I only choose to help those individuals who will promise to do the same.

If we are in agreement, then I will let you in on the BIGGEST MONEY MAKING SECRET in the country today. Not only will I give you the secrets to success but I also promise if you use my proven system:

  • You will never risk any of your own money
  • You will set your own schedule
  • You will not have to answer to a boss

  • You can work from the comfort of your home

  • You will make more money in one hour than most people do all month

This isn’t Multi Level Marketing
or a Get Rich Quick Scheme

As a matter of fact, this is a:

One Millionaire called this business, “The Best Business in the World!”

another one said…

If I had it all to do over again,
I would have been in the industry years ago.”

This business is one of the easiest businesses to work and has made people just like you into millionaires. It has literally changed the lives of countless people and your success in it is based on your willingness to help others. There are many names for this business or industry. This business consists of a network of consultants and investors working together on trillions of dollars worth of transactions annually. I affectionately call this business: 

"The Cash Flow Business"

J. Phillips, Dallas, TX

"I made over $15,000 my first month using Leland’s Cash Flow System! "

The Cash Flow Business is all about one thing...    MONEY!

If you haven’t heard of the Cash Flow Industry, don’t feel bad or out of touch. Ninety-nine out of a hundred people haven’t heard of it.  That's one thing that makes it so great for all the rest of us.  It's a Trillion Dollar industry with little to No Competition.

In the Cash Flow Business there is business to be found everywhere.  As a matter of fact, I guarantee you that you know at least one person or business who could benefit from these services right now (in other words, your first client) and you never even knew it.

You see, in the Cash Flow Industry, there are literally millions and millions of individuals and businesses around the country, and even around the world, who are owed money over time in the form of a note (or “IOU”) as they are commonly called.  These individuals and businesses are all looking for someone like you to help them get CASH NOW for their note(s).

I will teach you how to locate these note holders and show you how to quickly turn their "IOU's" into huge profits!

Here are a few examples of the notes (IOU’s) that I’m talking about, this is just a sampling of the many types of notes that are in existence at any given time that you may work with and profit from.

  • Owner Financed Mortgages (land contracts, contracts for deeds, etc.)

  • Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlements

  • Business Notes - A privately held note resulting from the sale of a business

  • Lottery Winnings

  • Pending Lawsuit settlements

  • Accounts Receivables or Business Invoices

  • Medical Billing and Invoices

  • Car Notes

  • Inheritances

  • Merchant credit card receivables

  • Life Insurance Policies held by Seniors

What do all of the above have in common?  They are all  “income streams” of payments - and the person or business who is owed the payments, needs YOU to help them cash out.

Let me explain it further using a recent client, Mike Bishop as an example.

Mike had recently sold his home after having it on the market for a long time. The only buyer that was interested in his home couldn’t qualify for a home loan. Mike reluctantly financed it for the buyer and agreed to take a cash down payment and also small monthly payments for the next 30 years (owner financing-land contract).

Mike and I were talking on the phone the other day and he told me he could really use a lump sum of cash, he said that he wished he hadn’t taken back the note. I told him I could help, and I easily found many investors who would offer Mike a lump sum of cash for the rights to receive his future payments.

He then immediately sold his note to one of my investor friends and I made a great referral fee, $5,000 for a few hours work.

The Cash Flow Industry allows you to earn huge referral fees
without investing any of your own money!

It also allows you to work with anyone who is in need of cash, and the great thing is that these individuals will come to you looking for that cash.




The Cash Flow Industry is far reaching and involves anyone who is owed money over time, but prefers a lump sum of cash now. Just like another client of mine that I recently worked with.

Sophia Rodriquez came to me because she wanted to sell some of her annuity payments. Her husband had been killed by a drunk driver a few years ago and she was awarded a huge settlement by an insurance company.

The insurance company was paying her $3,000 a month for the rest of her life. Sophia wanted to purchase a home but she couldn't qualify for a loan, so her only option was to sell her future annuity payments. I was easily able to find many investors who would gladly help her out, and now Sophia owns a beautiful 4 bedroom home in a great neighborhood.

Just in case you still don’t understand the business, let me clarify it even further for you

Every “Cash Flow” transaction involves three parties.

1. The Note Holder – Person receiving payments

2. The Investor – Individual or company buying the payments

3. The Cash Flow Consultant – Individual (YOU) who puts them together

When you work in this industry as a consultant you are paid to locate individuals who are receiving payments from the various types of income streams.  You just put them together with the Investor (or Funding Source as they are called) and you will receive an excellent referral fee every time.

Note Holder – Consultant – Investor = Huge Bucks for YOU!

Like I said before, this industry is a trillion dollar one involving all types of notes (IOU’s). Let me give you an example of how large the marketplace is and how much opportunity there is for you. I will use the Business Note segment as an example (remember there are numerous “segments” that you may work with and many are larger than the business note segment).

It is estimated that there are approximately 20,000,000 small businesses in the United States at any time. It is also estimated that 10% or 2,000,000 of them are sold each year. It is further estimated that at least half of these are sold with seller-financing (IOU's): 

2,000,000 X .5 = 1,000,000 new business notes created annually

1,000,000 MILLION New Business Notes Created Annually

If that sounds like a lot then you will be glad to hear that not even 1% of those notes are purchased by investors on an annual basis. Each year there are more and more business notes created, plus there are still all of the ones from the past years that are in circulation.

Add all of those notes into the pool of notes that are currently in existence from other income streams such as owner financed mortgages, accounts receivables, insurance settlements, lottery winnings, etc. and you will find that there are at least:


Do you think you can profit if you have 10,000,000 potential clients? Doesn’t that sound amazing? And if you are like me, you wouldn’t have known about this business unless someone like me had told you about it.

10,000,000 Million Potential Clients

What’s even more amazing is how you get paid when working this business. You won’t believe this either - You get paid whatever you want. That’s right, it doesn’t get any better than that - let me explain.

The people who will be buying these notes from you (investors) will pay a certain amount for a note and then let you make the referral fee that you want. Here is an example:

You locate a lottery winner who wants to sell their 5 remaining annual payments of $100,000. You present this deal to a few lottery purchasers and the best offer you receive is $450,000.

After an investor makes an offer for a note you are free to SUBTRACT your fee from that offer and then offer the remaining amount to your client.

In this case, the highest offer you received was for $450,000 and you decide in this case you want to make $25,000.

$450,000 minus $25,000 = $425,000

You offer $425,000 to your client – they accept and you keep the $25,000 for your fee.

You make a fast $25,000

Investors determine how much they are willing to pay for a note-
they allow you to subtract your fee from that amount-
you then offer the difference to your client.

Everyone always asks me: “Why is someone willing to sell their income stream of payments at a discount (or for less than 100%) of what is owed them? Let me give you the answer by asking YOU a question.

If I was to offer to pay you either $1,000 in 10 years or $500 today, which would you prefer? I think everyone would take the $500 now – Same for the note holders. They don’t want to wait years to collect payments when they can have CASH NOW instead, and you will be paid enormous amounts of money to help them get their cash.

You have 10,000,000+ potential clients and YOU determine your own fees!        What more could you ask for?


Fred and Lisa R., St. Louis, MO

“We made over $50,000 on one deal alone,
it’s simple work and anyone can do the same”

As you can see, this business is awesome because you get paid to help people in need of cash! Investors have literally billions of dollars available (right now) to purchase these notes with and they rely exclusively on a network of consultants (people like you and me) to help them find notes. You help them and they help you.  Everyone wins in this business and that’s what makes it so great.

Let me tell you something else that’s great-

I have spent years developing friendships with these investors and they have helped me make millions of dollars in this industry, and now I want to give back to them as well.

The best way for me to do this is to introduce as many new consultants to them as I possibly can. That is the reason I created the Cash Flow Institute.  You will find that the training materials and resources made available to you through my Online University are second to none.  My friends in the industry are already hailing this as the “Best idea to come around in years”.

My new training organization offers a one of a kind Online University that not only provides you with the training you need, but also provides you with direct access to the investors who will purchase your notes.  It also provides you with the support you need to succeed. In other words, it’s all inclusive and everything you need for INSTANT success. What could be better than being given everything you need?

Here is what you receive when you enroll in my Online University:

Training, Support, and Investors! 

I group these together and call them the Cash Flow Success Triangle. You need each one if you want to succeed in the Cash Flow Industry and my Online University provides you with all of them and much more. Let me explain in detail what you will receive when you enroll in my Online University.

  1. Cash Flow Riches – The Manual (Downloadable pdf format)
    Comprehensive Training Manual that teaches you everything you need to know
    about the Cash Flow Industry from its history to getting your deals completed. It is written in an easy to read format, nothing confusing about it.

  2. Cash Flow Marketing - (Downloadable pdf format)
    This excellent guide will provide you with over 50 different methods that you may use to locate note holders. I have used each one of these methods with great success. Use one or all of these methods and you will find note holders fast and often.

  3. Note Reference Guide - (Downloadable pdf format)
    Tremendous guidebook that discusses the most popular income streams that
    make up the largest portion of the marketplace plus I also introduce you to other
    income streams that have helped me make thousands of dollars.

    4.   My Cash Flow Monthly Newsletter -
          You will be subscribed to my monthly Newsletter that will keep you informed
          of everything you need to know about the ever changing and evolving Cash
          Flow Industry.

    5.   Marketing Tools -
          I will give you everything that a successful Cash Flow Consultant needs in                 order to work the business. This includes sample letters, proven sample ads,                 sample telephone scripts and much more.

    6.  Forms and Documents -
         This includes all the documents you will ever need in your business such as
         purchase agreements, applications, non-circumvent agreements, etc. 

    7.  Archived Tele-Sessions -
         You will have online access to recorded training sessions conducted by                         investors and seasoned consultants on various topics that will help your                        business.

    8.  Limited Time Offer - 3 Extra Bonus Gifts


1st BONUS  - "Funding Source Directory"    $99 Value

For a limited time, I will also throw in my very own personal "Funding Source Directory".  I have spent countless hours and years putting together a listing of all of the actual investors and funding sources in the country.  I have also included a listing of "Master Brokers".  These "Master Brokers" are experienced consultants who specialize in one or more areas of the cash flow industry.  They will help train you as well as help you work your deals.  What more could you ask for?  I am including this excellent resource for free if you enroll now!

2nd BONUS - "DMS Guide to Alternative Finance"    $99 Value

This excellent resource was written by the President of Aegis Factoring company (Bob McMahon).  Bob gives you important and valuable information on the industry, how to set up your business, the steps to take and how to make it big in Factoring.  This resource will be sent out to you when you complete your enrollment.  This material alone is more valuable then most other offers you will come across. 

3rd BONUS  - Your own Note Consultant Website   $195 Value

In today's market place it is essential that you have a website that will work for you 24 hours a day.  We will provide you with a very professional site that covers: owner financed mortgages, court settlements, lottery winnings, business notes and factoring.

Your site will come complete with your own domain name.  It will have all of your contact information on it such as your company name, address and telephone numbers.  You will also have online submission forms on your site so that your clients can submit their notes directly to your designated email.

Click here to view all of our Website Options!

As soon as you enroll, we will send you an email providing you with instructions on how to set up your site.  Your site should be up with 24 - 48 hours.

*Your site will look exactly like one of the demo sites except that your company name, address, telephone numbers, etc. will be displayed.  All online quote submission forms will go directly to you.  All you pay is a $15 per month hosting fee. The website is an option and if you do not want a website at this time you are under no obligation to sign up for one.  In other words, you can enroll in our Institute now and have your site set up in the future.

How much do you think all of the above is worth?

$595?    $1295?    $2995?   or more?

You will find some individuals who will charge you thousands of dollars for these items.  These same individuals will sell you something for one price and then call you a few days later and tell you that you need to spend thousands more if "you really want to become successful". YOU WON'T FIND THAT HERE.  I'm here to tell you that enrollment into my Online University is straight forward, legitimate and the best offer available anywhere. 


When I created the Cash Flow Institute, my first goal was to introduce the cash flow industry to every person in America and to make it affordable for every one to be a part of the best industry in the world. 

That is why I have created it in a way that is most economical for everyone.  This means: Online Training Materials, Archived Training Sessions, Forms and Documents Online, Email Newsletters, Live Tele-Seminar Training Session, etc... all easily accessible online or from your telephone.

This also means that I let you decide what type of membership you would like, I give you three options.


OPTION 1: Cash Flow Institute Monthly Membership - This option is only $19.95 per month and comes with everything you see listed above, except the website.

OPTION 2: Cash Flow Institute Membership plus a website - This option includes everything listed above, plus the website for only $99.

OPTION 3: Cash Flow Institute Membership plus a Website plus a copy of my Home Study Guide "Building Wealth Together" - This award winning home study guide has helped thousands of individuals learn the note business.  This option gives you membership into Charter Financial, The Cash Flow Institute plus a FREE WEBSITE all for just $199 and when you order today we will also include in your order 120 Free Mortgage Leads, these are names and address of actual note holders that you can mail directly to. .

Click here for complete details about my "Building Wealth Together" program that you will receive WITH OPTION 3.

So you decide which option is best for you, the only bad option is to do nothing.


Still not convinced that this is the best offer you have ever seen? Remember the “Success Triangle” that I told you about earlier:

Training, Support and Investors?

Up to this point I have only listed the Training you will receive and told you about the Investors that I make available to you, but I left out the Support. If you are absolutely serious about having a better life for you and your family then I will go the extra mile to do my part to help. Enroll NOW and I will also include:

  1. Telephone and Email Support from my investor friends-
    You will have direct access to all of the funding sources and investors in the industry.  These individuals will help you when you need it. They will guide you from start up to getting your deals funded. 

  2. “Live” Tele-Seminars -
    Every month our Online University offers you 15 plus "live" Tele-Seminars and "Webinars" that you may participate in. These sessions are conducted by the actual funding companies and investors and by "Industry Guru's".  You will be able to ask all of your questions and listen in as others ask questions you may not have thought of.

    3.  A Featured Cash Flow and Tele-Seminar of the Month -
          Each month my Online University will feature a different income stream and             will hold LIVE Tele-Seminars that relate to that type of income stream. As a
          subscribing member you may attend these valuable training sessions at no cost.
          You won’t want to miss any of these educational and entertaining sessions.


I realize this offer sounds too good to be true but rest assured that this offer is an honest one, but it is a LIMITED TIME OFFER. Let me go over this once again, just to make sure you see the value in this incredible offer.

The Cash Flow Institute Online University

“The Future is now”

Sarah D. Mobile, AL

“I made $17,350 on my first two deals. I am so glad to have started my own Cash Flow Business”

"Make excellent money during good economic times and even more during bad economic times - People need money"

An Un-Tapped Trillion dollar GOLDMINE awaits you!

Before I came across the Cash Flow Industry, I always wanted my own home based business. I have made and continue to make millions of dollars in this business, and now I have made it easy for you to do the same. There is really NO RISK and there is NO CATCH, you have three excellent options to choose from, so select the option that works best for you.  All options include a membership into my Cash Flow Institute.  

The Cash Flow Institute offers you:

  1. Excellent training materials that will teach you the note business plus we teach you how to find an unlimited supply of notes.

  2. Access to all the money you will ever need to purchase these notes with.

  3. Support services along the way to make sure you are a success, including Telephone and Email Support, Weekly Training Tele-Seminars, Featured Tele-Seminars, plus Archived training sessions that you may listen to at anytime.


If you think you can benefit in a Trillion Dollar a year industry with over 10 Million potential clients then do your family and yourself a big favor by giving my Online University a try, we will all be glad you did.

The Cash Flow Institute's Online University is the most comprehensive note program ever offered and you can start immediately, as in literally right now, and choose the option that is best for you.

When you enroll in my ONLINE UNIVERSITY you will receive INSTANT ACCESS to our Online University “member only” website. The site provides you with everything you will ever need to become a success in the Cash Flow Industry.

You will also instantly receive instructions on how to set up your website, if you purchased one.  We make it very easy to do and you should be up and running within 24 - 48 hours.

To enroll now, just click on the the link above or below.  You will be asked to create your very own unique username and password into our Online University. Once you complete your online enrollment, you may begin working this business immediately.

If you decide this program is not for you, just email us and let us know and we will immediately discontinue your membership, with no further billing. But please keep my 3 downloadable training manuals and my "Funding Source Directory" as my gifts to you for giving the Cash Flow Institute a try. It’s that simple, what could be fairer?

But remember, this very special offer won’t last long at this price so, Don’t Delay

Enroll now by clicking on the link below. Within seconds, you will be on your way to living the dream you have always wanted.  Your own business!

I look forward to meeting you one day and also sharing your success story with others.


Leland von Syring
Founder and President
The Cash Flow Institute